Day 5 of Clomid: What If This Doesn’t Work?

Today is the last day of taking the Clomid, although not the last day of it working or potentially making me feel like crud. I shouldn’t complain, really: I’ve been mostly OK, except for being super moody and having a headache that won’t go away. I know it could be worse. But yesterday, it occurred to me that if this doesn’t work, I’m in this for more cycles of Clomid and IUI, and/or potentially other drugs, and I sort of fell apart.

I can’t imagine having to do this for months and months, I’ll be honest. I think it’s the headache that’s doing me in. My brain feels kind of swollen and soggy. It’s hard to think clearly. Also, because of the moodiness factor, it’s sort of like I have my own little rain cloud following me around, like Eeyore.

I know being pregnant is no picnic either, and that women go through way worse than this to have a baby. It’s a lot, though.

The thing that cheered me up the most was something my husband said the other day, when I was apologizing for a sudden weeping fit.

“If I were you, I’d say ‘fuck it,'” he said. “Maybe it’s because men get off easy with this stuff, but I can’t imagine going through what you’re going through right now. I’d be furious if anyone even suggested it to me, honestly. It’s bullshit.”

Immediately, I cheered right up. The only other thing that’s been able to work that kind of magic during my Clomid fog is pictures of fat dachshunds on Facebook.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, if you got to this page because you were Googling “Clomid side effects,” don’t panic. Just surround yourself with empathetic people and pictures of fat dogs.


Image via JD Hancock at Flickr


4 thoughts on “Day 5 of Clomid: What If This Doesn’t Work?

  1. I was the same way on Clomid. It’s totally normal to feel awful, that stuff is horrible (but it is how I got my baby!). Just don’t give up doing OPKs too soon I took it from CD5-CD9 and didn’t ovulate until CD 23 or 24 each month.


    • That’s very reassuring, thank you! Did you find anything that worked for the headache? Tylenol and ibuprofen aren’t cutting it for me. I actually took a Vicodin yesterday and it was the only thing that touched it, but obviously I can’t just run around like Dr. House, especially once I’ve ovulated.


      • I think I just used ibuprofen. For me the worst part was I got really sharp pains in my pelvic/lower abdomen a day or two before ovulation. A heating pad and rest helped me a lot with that.


  2. My day 5 of Clomid starts tonight.

    I think it’s true= what I have found most effective was not googling possible side effects and freaking me and my husband out about them (AH!), but staying in a peaceful mindset and embracing the empathy from my husband and mom (who has called to see how I have been feeling). I’m sorry you have such a headache – Having a daily headache was one of my symptom fears. I hate headaches. Who doesn’t? So far, I haven’t had any but I have a creeping feeling I’m on the verge. I’ve been taking Tylenol in hopes that it will help in some way.

    I am also having the same thoughts as you. If this cycle doesn’t work – it means doing this over and over again and moving on to bigger tactics to ttc. I, too, don’t want to do it over and over. I know I will. But wow I don’t want to have to do this again. I was even thinking about taking a break after one cycle. Maybe just the thought calmed me down. But I know I wont break.


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