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Day 1 of Clomid: The Furious Fainting Goat of Infertility

I had my baseline appointment today, which involved blood tests to make sure I wasn’t already pregnant, and an appointment with the robot dildo, a.k.a. a transvaginal ultrasound. I was not already pregnant, so now I’m taking Clomid. I’ll do that for five days, and then in eight days, I’ll have another date with Mr. Roboto to see if it’s time for the Ovidrel shot that will release my eggs.

It was a pretty good appointment. I had 18 antral follicles, total, which is good, according to the very nice doctor who did the ultrasound. Still, however, it was about two hours of waiting around in between blood work and ultrasound and appointment with the RN. Also, I’m apparently going to have a lot more of these appointments, because they need to monitor everything, especially since it’s my first cycle. Super excited about that.

And here’s how crazy I am: I felt nauseated and was almost certain I was seeing spots … before I took the Clomid. I’ve been so nervous about side effects, I started imagining them well before I took the first pill.

After I took the pill, I was so stressed out, waiting for the stroke or whatever, I fell into an anxiety coma. Mr. Face says that I’m basically a fainting goat: the slightest hint of stress, and I pass out.

The upside of being a fainting goat: it’s three hours later now, and I’ve had a nice nap and so far, no side effects. I’ll let you know when they kick in, if I’m not in prison after flipping over a display table in the Stop & Shop.

fainting goat

Photo via Just chaos at Flickr


5 thoughts on “Day 1 of Clomid: The Furious Fainting Goat of Infertility

  1. I’m the same way. Just remember that no one ever got on the internet to write about a drug they were taking because they had no side effects and everything was fine. It’s always only the crazy cases that wind up online.


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